Starting A New Blog

Hi everyone!

A couple of years ago I had a blog called Jade Amber’s Blog which I loved and enjoyed writing, but eventually I outgrew it and when I tried to start a new one I seemed to lack both motivation and the passion I had once had for it. Recently I have decided to start a new blog ‘Candles and Fairy Lights’ inspired by the ridiculous amounts of candles (I think I had twenty three the last time I counted) and fairy lights within my bedroom at university.

Nearly two years on from when I uploaded my last blog post I hope that now I’m at university studying for a degree in History and in my twenties (turning twenty last month was probably one of the scariest things) I have more to offer and so much more to write about. This blog will be about beauty, as my other blog was about, but also fashion, fitness (a new found passion of mine) and lifestyle related posts.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll support me in my new blogging journey. Keep up with my social media and follow me on bloglovin.



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