Review: Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb

I have been using Lush’s products for a few years now, so have tried and tested many of their incredible bath products. The Think Pink bath bomb however, may have become a new favourite of mine. I picked it up recently from the Lush store in Bournemouth before I came home for Christmas, as unfortunately I don’t have a bath in my house in Bournemouth so like to make the most of it when I come home for the holidays!

lush 1

This bath bomb was £4.50 which seems to be the price of the majority of their bath bombs and is the most incredible bright pink colour which is covered in glitter. It also smells beautiful, I couldn’t quite decipher what the scent was but the Lush website says it contains lavender and vanilla. When put in the bath water it fizzes and foams, leaving you with an amazing pink and glittery bath, you also end up covered in glitter yourself when you get out of the bath so you may just want to bear that in mind. Despite being left slightly covered in glitter, your skin is left both smelling and feeling wonderful.

Overall I loved this bath bomb, and I sure will be repurchasing in the future. Let me know what your favourite bath product from Lush is?



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