January 2018: The Monthly Update

This month has been a busy one for me, due to having deadlines, an exam, birthdays as well as trying to kick start my New Years Resolutions which I made earlier on in the month. I’ve decided that through doing monthly updates like this I can reflect on how the month has been for me, whether I’ve achieved everything I’ve wanted to, as well as look back at memories I’ve made throughout the month.

The start of January was very much focused on submitting my essay, and preparing for my exam on the 16th which resulted in me neglecting my blog a little. Once I’d taken my exam and submitted my essay, I came to the realisation that I’m somehow half way through my degree which has left me wondering where the past year and a half has gone.

After my exam I went back home to spend some time with my family which was nice, as I rarely come home from university due to being too busy. Due to not being busy, I managed to make it to Boots on the day of their 70% off sale, which meant that I was lucky enough to get hold of quite a few bargains (you can read my post on the items I picked up here). We had some snow on Sunday the 21st of January which was lovely to walk the dogs in.

snow day

I went back to Bournemouth on the 24th of January to celebrate my housemates birthday, which involved going on a couple of nights out before term began this week.

I also began my healthy eating journey and regularly going to the gym, even dragging my boyfriend there with me when he came to stay with me for the weekend. I’ve purchased Grace Fit UK’s fitness guide, which I’ve decided to commit myself too. I’ll be updating you all on my progress via my blog and Instagram as well. You can find Grace Fit UK’s website here. I’ve only just started the guide so can’t really comment on whether it is useful, however I will be reviewing it once I have completed or perhaps when I am half way through.

With regards to my blog, I have hit all my goals for January as well as some for February which has meant I’m going to be setting the bench mark a bit higher for myself. I’ve also been looking into ways in which I can improve my blog design as well as my engagement with my readers.

I’ve got quite a few things to look forward to in February which I cannot wait to share with you, let me in the comments if you like this style of post and what you got up to in the first month of 2018.




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