Primark Highlighters – Highstreet Gems or a Waste of Money?

Hi everyone,

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In today’s post I’m going to be giving my thoughts on Primark Highlighters. Primark make up has been all over Youtube and blogs for quite a while now, with new products constantly being released so I thought it was time for me to share my views on their products as well.

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Anyone who knows me will know that my obsession with highlighter is a little out of control. My poor boyfriend has to drag me away from them when we’re out shopping as I definitely have far too many now. I have three of Primark’s highlighters in Mermaid Glow, Unicorn Glow and Pure Glow in the shade Brunch Club. These highlighters are super cheap as they are priced between two and three pounds which is a fantastic price for a highlighter.

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(The first one is Mermaid Glow, the second is Brunch Club, and the third is Unicorn Glow)

Despite being cheap, these highlighters are by no means lacking in quality as they are super pigmented and look amazing on the skin. The most natural of the three I own is the Pure Glow Highlighter in the shade ‘Brunch Club’, which is a beautiful champagne colour and can be worn subtly during the day or built up to for a shall we say, a less subtle look in the evenings (I definitely go overboard with highlighter when going on a nights out). The other two highlighters are just as stunning, with Mermaid Glow being a blinding silver colour and Unicorn Glow having blue undertones which allow these two highlighters to reflect the mystical creatures they are named after. For Halloween, I created a Mermaid make up look and the Mermaid Glow highlighter worked incredibly for the look. Mermaid Glow and Unicorn Glow are perfect for those of us who like our highlighter to be one of the stand out aspects of our make up.

Primark’s highlighters blend beautifully, and as mentioned before can be applied lightly or built up to look super glowy on the skin. They can be a little powdery, however I just make sure I tap off any excess product to prevent this from being an issue. I apply these highlighters using the Real Techniques Setting Brush which I think is the perfect shape and size for applying highlighter to the top of your cheekbones, cupids bow and tip of your nose.

Overall these highlighters are an absolute bargain, and I think it’s going to be very difficult to restrain myself from buying anymore from Primark as I have been really impressed!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you’ve tried Primark’s highlighters and what you thought about them in the comments below.



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